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"Promoting cultural sharing, understanding, and exchange."

What's New:


OCTOBER 25-NOV 5, 2015

Havana and the East

For more information and an application contact us at




  JUNE 2015...

Danza Libre


Festival of Dance 2015

An international gathering of dance professionals in Guantánamo, Cuba.


June 22nd to 28th, 2015


Organized and hosted by Danza Libre Contemporary Dance Company, the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC), the Scenic Arts Council, and the University of Arts (ISA)

Application Deadline: May 22, 2015

ATTENDEES: Professional dancers, students of dance, traditional Afro-Cuban percussionists and their students, researchers, critics, plus those with a general interest in dance and Afro-Cuban traditional music, are all invited and welcomed to attend. This is an excellent opportunity to learn and perfect new dance and music techniques, as well as to integrate these with existing skills.



• Inaugural performance presented by Danza Libre Contemporary Company.

• Workshops and master classes given by distinguished Cuban and               

   international dance professionals and dance specialists.



Thank you

Muchas gracias

to our volunteers, participants and sponsors who contributed to the success of BOCUSCO'S

Colorado Cuba Arts and Dance Festival

October 18-24, 2014.


Miguel López at Intercambio Fiesta    Art workshop with Tony Ortega and Oscar Lasseria


Dance classes with Yaneisi Chibas                Drum classes with Miguel Angel López

Cuban Art Show


Ezequiel Torres Group                                                    Yaneisi Chibas as Yemaya  

Sikan Afro-Cuban Dance Project


Sabanas Blancas project


Art Historian Jorge Núñez                             Enthusiastic audiences


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               People to People CUBA TRAVEL

Next delegation

October 25-Nov 5

Havana and the East


Contact us at for information.

Presenting a painting of Boulder made by students at BCSIS to Yateras




For information on becoming a member of the Boulder-Cuba Sister City Organization, click here: Membership Application


Hurricane Relief

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to hurricane Sandy relief in eastern Cuba.  BOCUSCO contributed to medical relief containers sent by MEDICC and Global Links and received this message:

"Thanks to the support we received from individuals and organization across the US, we were able to ship 4 containers in November and December to help hospitals in Santiago.  Two more are planned for late January / early February.  We could not have have been able to provide 6 containers of medical aid so quickly without the help of supporters like your organization."
On October 25, 2012 Hurricane Sandy tore through eastern Cuba leaving destruction, devastation, and death in Guantánamo, Holguín and especially Santiago de Cuba provinces.  See photos below.


Photos of Santiago de Cuba taken October 26, 2012. © Julio Larramendi


Ongoing projects :

Boulder Sister Cities in a trunk

The Boulder History Museum is busy gathering art, cultural artifacts, and resources from each of Boulder's seven sister cities and preparing them to travel to area classrooms or community groups.  The Cuba trunk containing 64 items from or about Cuba including maps, books, art work, stamps, musical instruments etc is ready!  Please contact Emilie at for more information.                                         


Cuba Travel

We are pleased to announce that the Boulder-Cuba Sister City Organization was granted a non-academic educational/people-to-people license to travel to Cuba by the U.S. Department of the  Treasury.
Please contact us for information on upcoming trips:


Environmental Publications

To see some of the publications about eastern Cuba that BOCUSCO has supported over the years, visit: Ediciones Nuevos Mundos


Shipping medical equipment and supplies to Eastern Cuba

Since 2006 the Boulder-Cuba Sister City Organization has been raising funds to sponsor the shipment of medical equipment and supplies to Guantánamo province in conjunction with Denver-based Project C.U.R.E. We are pleased to announce that the first FIVE 40’ cargo containers have arrived at their destinations: a container of hurricane relief supplies following the devastion of Hurricane Ike; as well as containers to the main hospital in Guantánamo which serves the entire province including Yateras; the Guantánamo Pediatric Hospital; the main hospital in Baracoa, and the hospital in Palenque, Yateras.

We would like to thank all of the donors, sponsors and volunteers who have contributed to the success of this project. Thanks to everyone’s efforts and generosity, we have been able to provide one of the poorest provinces of Cuba with such supplies as X-ray machines, anesthesia machines, mamography units, operating tables, stethoscopes, microscopes, laboratory supplies, defibrillators, and much more.  Please visit our HEALTH committee page to learn more about health care in Yateras and our health related projects. THANK YOU!!



About the Boulder-Cuba Sister City Organization

The Boulder Cuba Sister City Organization (BOCUSCO), is a 501(c)3 non-profit, non-political, all-volunteer citizen network which exists to create lasting partnerships to promote cultural sharing, understanding and exchange between citizens of Boulder, Colorado and the municipality of Yateras, Guantánamo, Cuba. Yateras, a municipality located in the mountainous easternmost Cuban province of Guantánamo, became Boulder’s sixth sister city in 2002. President Eisenhower promoted a people-to-people initiative in 1956 to involve individuals in citizen diplomacy, with the hope that personal relationships, fostered through sister city, county, and state affiliations, would lessen the chance of future world conflicts. Sister Cities International (SCI) is a nonprofit citizen diplomacy network that creates and strengthens partnerships between U.S. and international communities. SCI promotes peace through mutual respect, understanding, and cooperation. SCI currently represents more than 2,500 communities in 134 countries around the world. Boulder is a member of SCI and has other sister cities in Japan, Mexico, Nicaragua, Tibet, Kenya and Tajikistan.

Although many of our exchanges and activities involve the community of Yateras, we are also involved in projects, such as health and environmental projects, in other areas of Guantánamo Province including Guantánamo City and Baracoa. BOCUSCO organizes activities, with support from the Boulder community, through its five committees: Arts and Education, Environment and Sustainability, Health, Music and Dance, Sports.

Current Projects

Since 2005 BOCUSCO has been working in collaboration with U.S. government-licensed organizations to ship mountain bikes, wheelchairs, medical equipment and supplies, school supplies, athletic equipment and footwear to Yateras.

Donated bicycleShoes to Cuba


In addition to those ongoing projects, we have prioritized a project for 2014 for which we are currently raising funds. To fulfill our goal of bringing more awareness of Cuba and its rich culture to the Boulder community, we are planning a Colorado Cuba Arts and Dance Festival for October 2014, featuring dancers and musicians from the Guantánamo dance company Danza Libre


To make a tax-deductible donation please make check out to BOCUSCO and mail to

2835 Lagrange Cir

Boulder, CO 80305